universa is Smart Solution's preeminent, integrated, enterprise banking system.  Built upon the tried and tested capabilities of seasoned and mature banking platforms, and combined with the best practices in the Industry as well as the newest advances in technology, it has evolved into a leading-edge browser-based all-encompassing system.  universa is the right choice because not only is it easy to learn and navigate, but its enterprise status framework has flexible reporting and distribution options.  It is timely and offers streamlined delivery.

While continuing to support both point & click as well as keystroke commands, universa's easy to learn and easy to operate GUI navigation system has increased teller efficiency and productivity.  The graphical user interface is delivered through a standard web browser and its intuitive system boasts enhanced search capabilities and on-line help.

universa also provides superior customer service in that one single customer profile exists, per customer, whether that person has one account, seven accounts or seventeen.  Products are always managed in a way that creates an environment where cross-selling can flourish.  universa's remarkable integrated security and picture verification tools ensure that you and your customers are always provided with first-rate protection from identity theft.

universa's integrated customer relationship management (CRM) services increase customer retention and improve overall business value. CRM allows users to communicate with customers on a timely basis, and as often as desired, with marketing messages tailored to groups, accounts and individuals. Relevant information can also be delivered directly to those persons requiring such, precisely when when it is needed by them. Marketing and campaign progress can be tracked as a matter of routinel

universa supports third party interfaces such as Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and Point of Sale (POS) interfaces.  Credit bureaus, insurance companies and other institutions are supported as well.  Because universa's platform is powerful, flexible and scalable, it not only increases your investment value but also costs you less as it  can run on one single server, or, it can run on multiple severs to optimize performance and create redundancy capabilities.